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Open door policy

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In this clip, a Tamaki Primary School parent talks about the school's open door policy and how it's helped him, as a parent, become part of the school.

Helen Pakofe, speaking for the board of trustees, says, “We get parents to come and actually physically see what their children are doing at school – it’s not just reading it on a report card.”


Having an open door policy, where I’ve come into this school at many different times, that’s helped me become part of the school too. As a parent I feel free to come in here, to see what my son is doing, to see how he is doing and what he is getting up to within the school, finding out through the teachers – all the teachers, not just his form teacher, class teacher – through the principal. They all seem to be more closely knitted here – they seem to know what everybody is doing.

Published on: 23 Aug 2011