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No such word as dumb

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In this clip, Corinne Hansell speaks to parents at an evening meeting about students’ learning. Corinne introduces these meetings and takes the opportunity to share current information, to celebrate successes, and to emphasise key messages.


We’re always asking the kids what’s next? Where do we go next with your learning? We’ve got children in here, two years ago that thought they couldn’t write, they thought, dare I say it, they thought they were dumb and we say to them there is no such word is dumb, dumb is someone who can’t speak but there is no such thing as dumb when you think about your learning, it just means we haven’t taught you properly. It’s our mistake, it’s not your mistake. It is something that we are not doing right. We have to find the key to unlock things. We are very lucky at our school we have got some lovely quality teachers and those teachers work really hard to make sure that they are finding out which parts to unlock so that the magic starts happening in their learning.

Published on: 19 Aug 2011