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Key competencies

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We are preparing to close this site as we transition to Tāhūrangi

Tāhūrangi is the new online curriculum hub for Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga | Ministry of Education.

Find tools, stories, and resources to help you consider and embed the key competencies into local curriculum.

Featured resource

Key competencies and effective pedagogy 
This tool helps schools audit their progress with integrating the five NZC key competencies into local curriculum. It includes a self audit framework, engaging examples of practice, and insight into important aspects of the key competencies. 

Examples of the key competencies in action

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Key competencies digital stories
These digital stories show how schools have explored the key competencies in their own contexts. 

NZC snapshots
The following snapshots include examples, strategies, and ideas schools have found useful when working with the key competencies. 

Cambridge East School – CamEast TV and the KCs
Students at Cambridge East School have set up their own successful TV show, CamEast TV. The school embarked on the project as part of their ICTPD contract, and have taken delight in watching their students succeed and grow as they learn.

Hororata Primary School – Discovery learning
Marty Gameson, principal of Hororata Primary, shares how discovery learning aligns with their school vision and explores how it can be applied to improve learning outcomes.

Howick College – The innovation stream
Learn how teachers at Howick College have adopted a new integrated approach to learning in a mainstream secondary setting.

Lyall Bay School – Benefits of a radio station
After nearly ten years of radio broadcasting we catch up with staff and students at Lyall Bay School to learn how Maranui FM has helped to build learner agency, key competencies, and community connections.

Omarumutu School – New opportunities through an old tradition
Students at Omarumutu School in Opotiki harnessed the annual agricultural day to develop key competencies.

Roslyn School – Our approach to the KCs
Teachers and students at Roslyn School designed and produced a set of five posters, for use across the school, to highlight what each key competency meant to them.

West Melton School – KC kids
Julia Cider wanted a way to make the key competencies more meaningful to her students, so she transformed them into a set of child-friendly characters for her classroom – the 'KC Kids'.

Updated on: 11 Dec 2020