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Strengthening local curriculum

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We are preparing to close this site as we transition to Tāhūrangi

Tāhūrangi is the new online curriculum hub for Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga | Ministry of Education.

The New Zealand Curriculum describes the learning all young people should experience no matter what school or kura they go to and the progress and expectations associated with this learning. It provides the framework for schools and kura to use in their local curriculum design.

This section supports school and curriculum leaders and professional learning and development providers with the process of curriculum design and review. It includes information, research, tools, suggested areas of focus, and inspirational stories to help schools make decisions about how to give effect to the national curriculum.

The animation below provides a useful introduction to local curriculum with some simple tips to get started.

Key resources

Webinar: Strengthening local curriculum

In late 2019, the Ministry of Education held a webinar focused on local curriculum design. This built on the local curriculum workshops held nationally throughout 2019 and more intensive workshops held in 80 schools. You can view the webinar in its entirety, or explore sections that are of particular interest to you.

Local curriculum spotlight

This spotlight explores strengthening local curriculum and ways that you can bring The New Zealand Curriculum to life for your students. Find videos, activities, and opportunities for personal reflection.


Tips for spotlight use

You can enlarge the slideshow by clicking the full-screen icon in the bottom toolbar. To open the speaker notes, click on Options in the bottom toolbar. The slideshow can be downloaded and personalised to suit your context and needs. For personalisation, select File, Make a Copy. To transfer this content to a PowerPoint presentation, select File, Download as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Link to Google Slides

Local Curriculum Design Tool.

Local Curriculum Design Tool | Rapua Te Ara Tika

This online Toolkit will help you design a quality local curriculum for your ākonga. It is for all Kāhui Ako, schools and kura in New Zealand. 

Use this Toolkit to connect your local curriculum community and support children and young people with coherent pathways for their education.


National to local curriculum

Curriculum design and review involves making decisions about how to give effect to the national curriculum in ways that best address the particular needs, interests, and circumstances of the school’s students and community.

Leading Local Curriculum Guide Series: Local Curriculum

Vision and values

NZC Curriculum icon.

The New Zealand Curriculum provides an overarching vision for our young people and identifies a number of values that have widespread support. These values are to be encouraged, modelled, and explored by students.

Preparing to lead curriculum change – Vision, principles, and values (PDF download)

Vision: Stanley Avenue School example

Reviewing your curriculum – Possible pathways: Values


NZC Curriculum icon.

There are eight New Zealand Curriculum principles that embody beliefs about what is important in school curriculum both nationally and locally. They should underpin all school decision making.

NZC Principles and supporting resource for all 8 principles

NZC Online Spotlight: Principles

NZC Online Spotlight: Cultural diversity 

NZC Online Spotlight: Learning to learn

Key competencies

NZC Curriculum icon.

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies five key competencies as capabilities for living and lifelong learning.

NZC Online Spotlight: Key competencies

NZC Online: Key competencies – discussion tools

Key learning areas

NZC Curriculum icon.

The New Zealand Curriculum specifies eight learning areas: English, the arts, health and physical education, learning languages, mathematics and statistics, science, social sciences, and technology.

English Online

Literacy Online 

Arts Online 

Health and PE Online 

Learning Languages

NZ Maths

Science Online

Social Sciences Online

Technology Online

Updated on: 03 Feb 2021