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Teaching as inquiry

Teaching as inquiry is a fundamental part of ensuring success for all the students in your class. Here you will find ideas, resources, and tools to support your inquiry journey, as well as school stories to help provide inspiration and promote discussion.

This resource is presented in a way that will suit you if you are new to the inquiry process, or if you have experienced it before. The resource gives you the option to look at what is most relevant to you, revisit for more information, and be challenged by new ideas.

"The success or failure of my students is about what I do. I am a change agent"

John Hattie

Before you start

An introductory look at the value and potential effects of teaching as inquiry as well as suggested frameworks and ways to begin. 

Where are my students at now?

Where are my students

Evaluating the effect of change

Published on: 22 Jan 2016