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Watching the children

Views: 1974

The teachers learned something about engaging parents when they invited families/whānau to come and see their children demonstrate some curriculum learning in a stage performance. Tamaki Primary School teachers, Archana Sharma and Robyn Anderson, remember the occasion.


We did a dinosaur expo about two and a half years ago and I was not sure whether the parents will come and watch their children do their expo and out of all the families I think only two did not come, the rest all of them came.

The parents were just amazed at how much knowledge these children had. And it was great, they could see the children were learning, the children loved seeing that their parents were seeing that they were learning.

That was the turning point for me, the hall was jam packed, it was absolutely full. I could … it was then that I knew that parents wanted their children to do well and that’s all they want.
So the next time we thought well, we’ll try this with the seniors, and we had just come back from camp so we had our camp show, and we shared what we’d done at camp, showed the slide show, the children gave their viewpoints and we didn’t have any raffle tickets but we had parents who came to see what their children had done. And we used the children as teachers so we went from using us as the people who lead the discussion to using the children to teach the parents. It’s just been so valuable.

Published on: 19 Aug 2011