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I feel so proud

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Tamaki Primary School parents speak about their children's progress at school, and the pride they feel from their children's learning successes.


One of my boys … was very low in reading and I’ve seen him come through in the last three years and he’s where he’s supposed to be right now. I am very proud to hear my son read to me, you know, it’s really excellent. I’m really proud of the way they’ve taken him through the steps and put him where he’s supposed to be, took him through the learning stuff and put him right up there.

As a parent I feel so proud to see my child, come from a shy boy to an outspoken boy, that’s not a bad way, it’s letting him know that he can speak up, he doesn’t have to sit back, he’s allowed to ask questions and he will get answers, and as a parent I will be proud.

Published on: 23 Aug 2011