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Curriculum design and review (archived)

The NZC states (Pg 37):

image of classroom and teacher teaching.

A clear understanding of the intentions of the NZC and of the values and expectations of the community is required before beginning the process of designing and review your school curriculum. read more ...

curriculum design and review is a continuous, cyclic process. read more ...

Curriculum change should build on existing good practice and aim to maximise the use of local resources and opportunities. read more ...

Curriculum design and review - focus, process, action

This process requires leadership, direction and time. It involves clarifications and explorations that will inform good decisions. Review is central to strengthening curriculum design and practice at every stage of the development. At all times the focus is on the learners.

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There are many ways of developing a school curriculum, but whatever the approach, everyone should be familiar with the section in NZC The School Curriculum: Design and Review (pages 37-42)

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Schools will base their curriculum on the particular needs, interests and circumstances of the school's students and community. However, there are some general suggestions when undertaking this process.

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Resources and Examples

Look here for additional support to help with curriculum design and review

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Published on: 13 Mar 2009