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Requirements and regulations (archived)

The New Zealand Curriculum document states (pg 44):

principal and teachers meeting.

Schools are required to base their curriculum on the principles of the New Zealand Curriculum, to encourage and model the values, and to develop the key competencies at all year levels.

Schools are required to develop and implement a curriculum for students in years 1-13:

  • that is underpinned by and consistent with the principles
  • in which the values are encouraged and modelled and are explored by students
  • that supports students to develop the key competencies

When designing and reviewing their curriculum, schools select achievement objectives from each learning area in response to the identified interests and learning needs of their students.

Relationship with the New Zealand Curriculum

The New Zealand Curriculum for English medium, and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, for Māori medium, are the partner documents which set the direction for learning and teaching in New Zealand schools and are the national curriculum. Your school curriculum must align with the national curriculum.

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The requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum give flexibility to make decisions and own your school curriculum. They allow schools to design a curriculum that addresses the needs of their students and community.

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Resources and examples

In this area you will find resources and curriculum tools as well as examples of school thinking and actions.

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Published on: 13 Mar 2009