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Implementation project overview (archived)

The Ministry of Education supports curriculum implementation through a number of initiatives. It is expected that all Ministry-funded in-school projects will have a strong curriculum focus.

Information sharing

Implementation packs are designed to support school principals and curriculum leaders as they implement The New Zealand Curriculum.

The New Zealand Curriculum Online is the 'one stop shop' for everything to do with The New Zealand Curriculum. It features inspiring school stories, practical ideas, and strategies to use in your staffroom, useful resources, official notices, how to get support and much, much more ...

Learning communities

Learning communities are working within school networks to explore ways of implementing The New Zealand Curriculum. This initiative aims to enable schools to collaborate and to generate and adapt new ideas and practices as part of the process of developing their school's curriculum. Regional School Support Services advisers are providing support for the sector leaders.

Feedback, mentoring, coaching, and advice

In-school support is provided through a number of existing providers. These include School Support Services contractors as well as private providers and facilitators. Schools are encouraged to identify their needs and choose how these will best be met.

All School Support Services advisers are expected to be familiar and confident with key directions for learning in The New Zealand Curriculum and the changes in their learning area to guide teachers and education networks.

Schools may request ongoing in-school support from their local School Support Services contract provider. Alternatively, schools may choose to contract private providers to support the process.

Communications and messages

The Ministry is publishing material in a wide range of media throughout the implementation phase to inform and support schools.

The New Zealand Education Gazette

Research and development

NZCER and the University of Waikato are working with a number of schools as they explore their experiences with implementation.

Curriculum implementation exploratory studies: Final Report

Curriculum implementation case studies

Requirements and system alignment

Ministry leadership is working with ERO to ensure agreement on the areas that are valued and what they might look like. Achievement standards will be aligned by 2010. Initial teacher educators are exploring ways of ensuring new graduates are capable of implementing The New Zealand Curriculum.

Monitoring and evaluation

The University of Auckland is developing survey tools and using a wide range of other information sources to find out how the implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum is progressing, and to review the usefulness of the support provided by the Ministry. The information gathered during the review will inform the development of future support.

Monitoring and Evaluating Curriculum Implementation: Final Evaluation Report on the Implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum 2008-2009. Report to the Ministry of Education Dr Claire Sinnema, The University of Auckland

Regulations and policy

The regulations are being reviewed to ensure that priorities are aligned.

Published on: 11 Apr 2008