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The NZC document states (Pg 44):

Each board of trustees, through the principal and staff, is required to implement its curriculum in accordance with the priorities set out in the National Education Goals and the National Administration Guidelines.

Information on regulations

The requirements of The NZC give schools the flexibility they need to make decisions and own their curriculum. They allow schools to design a curriculum that addresses the needs of their students and community.

The board of trustees, in a regulatory sense, is ultimately responsible to the community and the State for the performance of the school. It needs to be confident that it is serving the best interests of student learning and progress, and meeting its obligations to the State.

Parents and whānau should be given opportunities to engage in clarifying values to be emphasised at home and school. Students need be engaged in developing criteria for their self-management competency.

Active engagement by those who share interest in student learning and achievement can help to strengthen the validity and impact of a school’s curriculum.

There are two essential references to requirements:

Curriculum tools

A support pamphlet, sent to all schools, for boards of trustees, Boards of Trustees and The New Zealand Curriculum is available online.

Published on: 18 Mar 2009