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Should we have a playgroup?

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A playgroup for preschoolers is now run by parents at Tamaki Primary School. Playgroup co-ordinator Kalala Finau has been involved since the idea was first suggested.


We had come to school and brought our school children here at school and had a lot of little ones and Mrs Hansell had a note going home with our children about if we should have a playgroup in Tamaki Primary and what we think of it. So she had a meeting with us parents of who was interested to run a playgroup to get together and talk about it and we did. And here we are now.

We’ve had a lot of graduates, probably over 20 children that have started here at school when they’ve turned five. We actually let all our parents know at the school, with their children that attend Tamaki School, they go out with notices that we have a playgroup running. Tamaki Primary support us, they’ve given us a room to use and support us also…

We actually do get a grant from the Ministry but the school actually helps us a lot with what we actually need and also helps us with running the programme. The school has been excellent, without their support we wouldn’t be here.

Published on: 22 Aug 2011