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What could key competencies look like in teaching?

The key competencies underpin everything that happens in teaching and learning.

They have implications for all aspects of planning and teaching, including:

  • activities, resources, and language used
  • content, topics, or foci for learning
  • the role that both students and teachers take in the learning process
  • the culture of the classroom and school.

Many things that teachers and schools do already work well for the key competencies. The emphasis on key competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum does, however, give educators an opportunity to reconsider the things they typically do in their practice.

Principles that underpin the key competencies

This diagram identifies four principles that underpin the key competencies and lists indicators to describe what we might see when key competencies are embedded in teaching and learning. Teachers can use the diagram to reflect on their own classroom practice and identify areas for development. The diagram can be used by leaders to consider how key competencies are developed and monitored in teaching and learning across the school and if curriculum change is needed.

KC Principles diagram.

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Updated on: 12 Aug 2013