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Embedding key competencies in activities

Bringing key competencies into teaching and learning does not mean giving up all of the activities that you have previously used in your programme. It does, though, require us to think about how those activities might be altered or adapted to emphasise key competencies.

The following tool takes one activity example (writing a report about athletics day) and suggests a few ideas for how each of the key competencies might strengthen the activity and make the most of opportunities for learners to develop their competencies.

The tool is aimed at teachers who are beginning to think about key competencies – starting with the learning activities you already know and do.

Embedding key competencies in existing activities

1. Start with the familiar. 

  • Think of a classroom or school activity you often plan.  

2. Keep thinking about your familiar activity.         

  • How might you build in richer opportunities before, during or after that familiar activity?

    For example: Taking part in and writing a report about athletics day.  

Original and revised activity.
Revising and improving activities template.

Updated on: 18 Aug 2013

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Download PPT for embedding key competencies in activities:

PowerPoint icon. Embedding KCs in activities tool (PowerPoint, 1 MB)