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NCEA level 2 toolbox

Theory of action

If we have an understanding (based on data) of how our students are tracking towards achieving NCEA level 2, and where our school can make a difference, we can quickly identify the support available and how to access it. 

This will help us make weekly progress towards supporting our students into quality further education, employment, or training.  

Support for NCEA achievement in the secondary environment

Professional learning and development

Professional development is available for New Zealand secondary middle leaders, to help raise achievement for all students, and particularly for Māori and Pasifika students and those with special education needs.

NZQA School Relationship Managers and Ministry of Education Senior Advisers

NZQA relationship managers support schools with NCEA administration and advice and guidance around assessment.

Ministry senior advisors are able to help with compliance issues, charters, strategic planning, and resourcing.  

NCEA and the Whānau and NCEA Ma Le Pasifika

These programmes focus on building family, whānau, fono, and community understanding of how NCEA works.

Contact: Lhi Te Iwimate or Paea Dentice

Special Assessment Conditions

NZQA offers Special Assessment Conditions for candidates who may be impaired to ensure they are fairly assessed and have access to assessment for National Qualifications.

The Limited Services Volunteer

The Limited Service Volunteer programme is a free six-week motivational training course run by the NZDF. It aims to increase the number of young people entering employment or training by improving their self-discipline, self confidence, motivation and initiative.

Youth Guarantee – Vocational pathways

The Vocational Pathways are designed to provide a clearer framework for vocational options, support better programme design and careers advice, and improve the linkages between education and employment.

They enable students to understand what courses and subjects they need to take to achieve their goal; or identify the type of job they would like to obtain, identify the courses they need to study, and develop a road map to get there.

Youth Guarantee - Fees free

The Fees-free scheme provides one year of full-time study in vocationally focused training programmes for 16 and 17 year olds. It is available for study to obtain levels 1 to 3 qualifications at certificate level and for foundation skills, trades, business, or cultural areas. 

Youth Guarantee - Secondary tertiary programmes

Secondary tertiary programmes are a network of school and tertiary partnerships providing a higher-learning programme for learners in high secondary school or transitioning to tertiary. They are for senior secondary learners who are still at school.

Students can gain foundation level education to achieve NCEA levels 1-3 qualifications, with a focus on achieving NCEA level 2 and a credit to a National Certificate (for example, level 1 certificate in building). They are led by a lead provider, who is either a school or tertiary provider. A secondary tertiary programme includes trades academies and apprenticeships.

STAR and Gateway

STAR and Gateway are funding resources available to support senior secondary students access education and employment opportunities, particularly for students who may be at risk of disengaging from school.

Published on: 24 Apr 2013