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Learner-initiated supports

The aim of supplementary supports for learners is to accelerate progress so that learners can successfully engage with the classroom curriculum and progress with their peers. They are designed to complement effective classroom teaching and learning programmes. 

Decisions about the use of supplementary supports are based on the needs of learners and are usually made or requested by the school.

Your local office Ministry of Education advisor is available to support in your next steps.

Language and Learning intervention (LLi)

ESOL funding and Ministry of Education support

Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support

Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour (RTLB)

Resource Teacher Literacy (RTLit)

Updated on: 23 Oct 2014

PLD is changing

Professional Learning And Development (PLD) is changing – What it is focused on, who delivers it, and how schools, kura and CoL can access it.

Initial changes are rolling out now.

Find the latest information about the new PLD system: Education Services – PLD

System of support

Identifying learning needs. Resource selector. Impact of changed practices. Designing learning for school context. Integrated system of support for students. Achievement information triggers response.