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Impact of changed practices

The school curriculum should include designed pathways for accelerated learning. Student achievement needs to be the trigger for schools to do something different for some students to ensure all achieve.

A school curriculum and achievement action plan would describe:

  • what is worthwhile learning
  • what is achievement
  • how the school will respond if students are not achieving to ensure there is a period of accelerated progress. 

The action plan would explain:

  • the breadth and depth of the school curriculum, including student outcomes that are explicitly linked to the curriculum (a tangible vision or student goals)
  • expected improvements over time (year to year) as described by particular achievement signposts, for example:
    • the school wide plan would include National Standards signposts and Overall Teacher Judgment information
    • the classroom plan would include signposts found in such documents as the Literacy Learning Progressions
  • what would trigger the need to instigate a supplementary programme, for example, end of year data, mid year data, classroom observation, for each year group, and for particular groups of students
  • that support to accelerate progress can be preventative or remedial, therefore schools should plan for both
  • the actual response needed to accelerate progress - this could be described by thinking about the layers of support:
    • Tier 1 (effective classroom)
    • Tier 2 (short and intensive school-based intervention inside and/or outside of the classroom)
    • Tier 3 (long term specialist intervention)
  • monitoring within and beyond the supplementary support
  • when and how students move from one type of support to the next, for example, a description of what happens for the students whose progress does not accelerate after an initial tier 2 support.


These tools support schools to embed improvements and support future decision-making.

The curriculum and achievement action plan.

Designing pathways for accelerated learning

This tool provides guidance for the development of a plan that has achievement signposts to trigger supplementary supports for students. 

Word 2007 icon. Designing pathways for accelerated learning (Word 2007, 5 MB)

Word 2007 icon. Designing pathways for accelerated learning curriculum template (Word 2007, 136 KB)

Using teaching as inquiry to trigger supplementary support tool.

Using “Teaching as inquiry” to trigger supplementary supports for some students

This tool can be used for professional discussions.

PDF icon. Using “Teaching as Inquiry” to trigger supplementary supports for some students (PDF, 749 KB)

Updated on: 02 May 2013