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School curriculum design and review (archived)

Three-step development markers

The PDF icon. School curriculum design and review (PDF, 274 KB) is a tool for schools to use over the implementation period 2007–2010. The chart is also being made available as an A1 wallchart (item 11335).

The left-hand columns of the chart set out the aspects of the curriculum that you are likely to be considering over the next two years: vision, values, key competencies, learning areas, and curriculum principles.

Use the centre-panel timelines as a focus for identifying three marker points at which you might:

  • begin reviewing each aspect of your school's current curriculum in relation to the New Zealand Curriculum
  • initiate redesign of that aspect
  • be well advanced with your redesign.

The review questions (below the chart) are set out under the timelines for vision, values, key competencies, learning areas, and curriculum principles, and are aimed at helping to kick-start your discussions.

Use the right-hand column on the chart to summarise responses to the questions:

  • What are our immediate priorities?
  • How do we rank them (on a scale of 1–5)?
  • Why?
Review questions image.


  • Is our vision for our students and their learning clear and shared?
  • Does it express what we want for our young people?
  • How might our vision be reflected in the design of our school's curriculum?


  • Have we identified and agreed on those values that we believe are important for everyone involved in the life of our school?
  • Do our values support and complement those in the New Zealand Curriculum?
  • Does our curriculum explain how our identified values will be an integral part of teaching, learning, and the daily life of our school?
  • Does our curriculum explain how we will review our effectiveness in promoting our values?

Key competencies

  • Have we clarified what each key competency should mean for our students and the conditions that will help to develop each competency?
  • Does our curriculum explain how the key competencies are to be developed across all learning activities and programmes?
  • Does our curriculum provide guidance on how to help students monitor their development and demonstration of the key competencies?

Learning areas

  • Are the meaning and intent of our curriculum area statements well aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum learning area statements?
  • Does our curriculum explain how our programmes are designed to meet the needs and interests of our students?
  • Have we considered making, and planning for, connections across learning areas, values, and key competencies?
  • Does our curriculum have a rationale and structure for covering learning area strands and selecting achievement objectives?
  • Does our curriculum explain how students' learning and progress are monitored and recorded in relation to learning objectives?

Curriculum principles

  • Are the New Zealand Curriculum principles evident in all aspects of the interpretation and delivery of our school's curriculum?
  • How will we demonstrate our commitment to the principles and our success in putting them into effect in teaching and learning?


The Ministry of Education wishes to acknowledge Lester Flockton's work in developing the Design and Review chart.

Published on: 17 Mar 2008