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How to use these resources (archived)

The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa together set the direction for teaching and learning in Aotearoa New Zealand schools.

The resources in this pack have been prepared to help your school give effect to the NZC. While they are intended primarily for schools that are in the earlier stages of exploring the NZC, they will have wider applicability.

Some schools may also like to use Te Marautanga o Aotearoa to inform their curriculum planning and review.

Leading curriculum change

A resource for principals and other senior leaders, particularly those whose schools are in the early days of implementation.

Have a look at what other leaders say about their experiences. Each school has adopted its own distinct approach.

Major emphases

A resource for staff meetings / professional learning, particularly in schools that are in the early days of unpacking and understanding the NZC.

This resource highlights some of the important emphases to be found in the NZC. Use the resource to engage your staff in some in-depth thinking about what is new and different, to challenge misconceptions, and to consider implications for action.

Schools that are well along the path to understanding the NZC and what it means for them will find this resource useful for a pause-and-reflect staff meeting.

The questions are designed for small-group or whole-staff discussion and as prompts for action.

Boards of Trustees and The New Zealand Curriculum

A resource designed to help BoT members understand their responsibilities and how they can support their schools through a time of significant curriculum change.

The first two of these resources are in response to needs identified in a series of exploratory case studies of curriculum implementation in schools.

Published on: 24 Jan 2009