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Three-way conversation

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In this clip, associate principal Robyn Anderson is meeting with Aidan and his mother to discuss his progress at school. Students are present at these catch-ups and contribute to the discussion, which is friendly, open and centres on the child’s learning goals.


My goal is to learn all my times tables.

Have you been doing that?


Are you sure? Think back to this morning when we were doing our maths game, what did we decide we needed to learn?

We decided to learn about our times tables and our divided-bys.

Right because they were helping you. Did you know the ones for the 6 times tables?

(No) I need to work on them.

That’s right! How can Mum and Dad help you at home?

My family can help me by practicing and playing times table games with me.

Yeah that game, that bingo game, we love it, as a family we sit down and play it. My 13 year old loves it and he’s learning every day, as well as Aidan.

Published on: 22 Aug 2011