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Our reporting

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Tamaki Primary School teacher Rhonda Kelly talks about new ways of reporting to parents.

The school is careful to ensure that parents are given a full and honest report on their child’s progress and that they understand it and know what the school plans to do to help each child make at least the expected progress.


Our reporting to parents now has changed hugely, we now have graphic representation in our reports where there is a bar graph showing the parents where the child is expected to be and where they’re actually at, which gives them a very honest picture of where their children are at and also that graphic representation assists particularly parents who don’t speak English as their first language, they’re able to see at a glance where their child should be and where the child is actually at. That I think has made a huge difference to how honest we are to reporting back to our parents and the feedback that we get back from them is that it has been a very good move.

Published on: 22 Aug 2011