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Schools Pride Week

Schools Pride

Schools Pride Week | Whakanuia te uenuku ki ia kura takes place annually in Term 2. 

It is an opportunity to celebrate pride and support rainbow young people in your school and the wider school community.

The ideas and resources on the page support schools, kura, and learning services to integrate Schools Pride with the local curriculum.

About Schools Pride Week NZ

Schools Pride Week was created by InsideOUT Kōaro.

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The week aims to:

  • celebrate rainbow staff and students in our school communities, increasing a sense of belonging 
  • support schools to facilitate activities and pride celebrations in their school, through the sharing of resources and information 
  • give schools opportunities to incorporate rainbow issues into NCEA standards and subjects, and normalise rainbow identities across the curriculum.

Curriculum connections

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Pride week provides an opportunity for building a sense of belonging. It supports students to develop an understanding about inclusion and is an opportunity for schools to connect with local community groups.

Inclusion principle – The curriculum is non-sexist, non-racist, and non-discriminatory; it ensures that students’ identities, languages, abilities, and talents are recognised and affirmed and that their learning needs are addressed.  
Community engagement principle – The curriculum has meaning for students, connects with their wider lives, and engages the support of their families, whānau, and communities.

How can your school get involved? 

Schools are encouraged to connect with their local rainbow community organisations to partner on events where possible. Young people organising Pride Week in their schools will have an opportunity to build on their leadership and event planning skills and feel the reward that comes with making a difference in their local community. 

Instructional series

Break-up Day - School Journal, Level 4, May 2021 

Kyle Mewburn shares her experience of growing up as a transgender girl and explores gender in a way that shows how, despite the challenges and expectations of others, she managed to find a sense of identity and belonging


Organisations and teaching resources


InsideOUT is a national charity working to give rainbow young people in Aotearoa New Zealand a sense of safety and belonging in their schools and communities.

  • Resources for schools – A range of print and online resources that can be downloaded or ordered as physical copies. 


RainbowYouth provides support, information, resources, and advocacy for Aotearoa’s queer, gender diverse, takatāpui and intersex youth. They support students to feel safe and included in their schools and communities.

  • Resources for teachers – free resources for use in schools, including videos and curriculum-based lessons.
  • Order resources – flyers, brochures, and posters free of charge, with an option to donate.

Gender Minorities Aotearoa

Gender Minorities Aotearoa

This nationwide transgender organisation offers information, advocacy and wrap-around support for transgender people. 

  • Study and school – Find resources on studying and school environments for transgender people in Aotearoa NZ 
  • Professional development – Information on workshops, seminars, lectures, presentations, and courses that are transgender-led, both in terms of development and delivery. 


Useful resources

picture of Two friends making heart fingers

Guide to LGBTIQA+ students 

Practical strategies to support the inclusion and wellbeing of students who identify as sex, gender, or sexuality diverse (SGSD) in this online guide from the Inclusive Education website.

three smiling people sitting on a couch

Takatāpui | Resource hub 

Takatāpui is a traditional term meaning ”intimate companion of the same sex”. 

Resources include:

  • Takatāpui: Part of the whānau
    • This resource is for takatapui, their whānau and communities. It shares stories and information about identity, wellbeing and suicide prevention. 
  • Growing up taktāpui: Whānau journeys 
    • Interviews with seven takatāpui rangatahi and their whānau inform the journey and the importance of whānau support in a takatāpui young person's life.

Ko tātou tēnei | This is us 

This action research paper highlights the experiences of Māori in the LGBTQIA+ community. It includes stories from five ākonga Māori who identify as rangatahi takatāpui – those who identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The document can be downloaded as a (PDF).


Find out how libraries are celebrating Schools Pride Week. Use the links below or contact your local library. 

In the news


Why pride is needed in every New Zealand school in 2020 (August 2020) – a good discussion-starter

A Wellington High school student talks about what it was like coming out in 2000, a year after his classmate, a victim of a hate crime, was murdered.


How teachers are making classrooms safe spaces for LGBTIQA+ students (June 2021) – the role of Pride Month in the classroom

Primary and secondary teachers share their thoughts about ways to update the New Zealand Curriculum and ideas for making your classroom LGBTIQA+ inclusive.


Cook Islands' first Pride Week (March, 2020)

Updated on: 13 Jan 2022