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Resources to help children learn and achieve in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Literacy and numeracy resources for parents, families, whānau, and communities

These resources help teachers in their conversations with parents, families, whānau, and communities

Here are ten good ways to use the resources to engage with and support parents, families, whānau, and communities:

  1. To help explain how what happens at school and what happens at home interconnect to support learning.
  2. For ideas on supporting a child's learning at home.
  3. To explain National Standards in reading, writing, and mathematics.
  4. To talk with parents about a child's literacy and numeracy.
  5. To include in enrolment packs.
  6. For content that can be copied and used in school literacy and numeracy resources.
  7. To include with school newsletters.
  8. For ideas and activities parents and children can do together during the holidays.
  9. To talk with students about their goals.
  10. To include with reports.

A snapshot of the New Zealand Curriculum: Reading, Writing and Mathematics Standards

This poster is for teachers, parents/families/whānau/communities and students to talk together about progress during years 1-8. Available as:

National Standards - Snapshot of NZC poster.

Supporting Your Child’s Learning – foldouts

These foldout sheets feature learning activities parents and children can do at home. They explain the National Standards in reading, writing, and mathematics for years 1 to 8. Available as:

National Standards - Supporting your child's learning foldout.

Supporting Your Child’s Learning translated booklets

National Standards - Supporting your child_translated_Hindi.

This 20-page booklet is available in 14 languages. Available as:

How Well is My Child Doing?

National Standards - How well is my child doing_English.

This leaflet is available in 16 languages and explains National Standards. Available as:

Updated on: 19 Apr 2011