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These resources are designed to assist school leaders to inquire into what can be done differently for students not making expected progress, and help parents and whānau to provide support for students at home.

Progress and achievement inquiry tool for school leaders

A tool for school leaders to inquire into student achievement information from both a national perspective and school perspective.

How to use the tool

  1. Use the inquiry tool to see how your school’s achievement picture compares to the national picture.
  2. Identify some of the key trends and patterns in your own schools data; what are some of the needs and possible actions for those students not yet meeting expected levels?

Word 2007 icon. Progress and achievement inquiry tool (Word 2007, 219 KB)

Focusing the inquiry on students not meeting the expected level

A tool primarily for school leaders to develop their own inquiry plan for groups of students and/or individuals not meeting the expected level.

How to use the tool

  1. Identify the area of concern, e.g. reading, writing, or maths.
  2. Identify where groups of students or individuals should be in relation to the relative national standards, then the ‘best fit level’ that reflects their current level of achievement.
  3. Choose the relevant ‘Focus Inquiry Tool’ to develop a plan that will result in accelerated achievement.  For example if the students are in Year 8, then choose the Year 8 tool to begin your inquiry, as ideally this is where they should be working towards.
  4. Once the best fit level and next step for accelerated achievement have been identified, choose the appropriate strategies and resources link below to explore a range of ideas to help develop your focus inquiry plan.
  5. NB: While the primary intention for this tool is to inquire into the achievement of a group of students at a particular level, it could also be used for an individual student. School leaders may want to use this tool to consider at a leadership/strategic level the achievement of a group of students, while teachers may want to use this tool to reflect on the achievement of a group of students, and/or an individual student in their classroom.

You can also visit the System of Support section for a range of useful resources and supports.

Updated on: 04 Aug 2014