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National Standards launch pack

The standards provide reference points to help us stay focused on our goal - confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

Fact sheets - National Standards introductory webinar

This Powerpoint introduces the National Standards and provides you with some initial information. It looks at the purpose of the standards, how they relate to the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, and what you might need to consider as you begin working with the National Standards.

It does not address the specifics of how you might do things in your school as each school is unique. Each school will decide how they will use the National Standards to support their on-going implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum.

The National Standards sector advisory group

The National Standards sector advisory group operated between 2010–2012 and provided a formal avenue for the education sector to contribute to the continuous improvement of the National Standards implementation. The NSSAG was an independent, broad group of sector representatives which met regularly.

The group was focused on:

  • enhancing student achievement
  • working within the context of The New Zealand Curriculum
  • using National Standards to inform students, their parents, other stakeholders and teachers about levels of achievement and progress being made, and to identify how schools can best be supported to improve student performance.

Fact sheets

Fact sheet 3: Consultation on National Standards archived 28.4.10

The process the Ministry of Education used for consultation, key themes and issues identified in feedback, and the Ministry’s response to that feedback.

Fact sheet 2: Key assumptions archived 1.6.10

PDF icon. Key assumptions (PDF, 45 KB)

Key assumptions underpinning the design of the National Standards.

Professional development opportunities diagram

The professional development opportunities diagram outlines the broad range of professional development opportunities available to all principals, teachers, and board members to support the implementation of the National Standards in 2010.

Professional development for the National Standards - 2010 (PDF, 100 KB)

Updated on: 27 Mar 2013