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Working towards school-wide targets for student achievement

As with the implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum, working with the National Standards will involve a process of continuous improvement in schools.

Teachers will:

  • continue to develop and improve their assessment and reporting practices in relation to the National Standards
  • continue using self-review, especially 'Teaching as Inquiry', to strengthen their teaching and learning programmes and their work with parents, families, and whānau
  • use assessment data in relation to the standards to identify individual students and groups of students who need additional monitoring and support.

Principals and boards of trustees will use the assessment information gathered in 2010, along with feedback gathered from parents, families, and whānau to:

  • decide how best to target resources, including professional development, towards improving teaching and learning
  • continue working with their school communities to improve reporting to parents, families, and whānau
  • inform their school's 2012 charter.

Principals will also:

  • establish a formal assessment moderation system within the school or across school clusters
  • report school-wide information about progress in relation to the standards to the board of trustees, in preparation for external reporting in 2012.

Boards of trustees will:

  • monitor the school's progress in relation to targets in the 2011 charter and make decisions with the leadership team about how to address issues that arise
  • ensure their school has robust systems for annual reporting in 2012.

Your school's 2012 annual report will include evidence of how the school is meeting its targets for student achievement. You must report school-level data on the National Standards under three headings:

  • school strengths and identified areas for improvement
  • the basis for identifying areas for improvement
  • planned actions for lifting achievement.

Your school's annual report will also discuss how students are achieving and progressing against the standards. It will include the numbers and proportions of students, at, above, below, or well below the standards, with a breakdown of these numbers in terms of Māori, Pasifika, and gender.

In 2011, teachers, principals, and boards of trustees will be able to continue with professional development to strengthen teaching, learning, and assessment. This could again include participating in regional information sessions and web seminars on the National Standards.

Published on: 16 Oct 2009