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Effective pedagogy for all students

Tungia te ururua, kia tupu whakaritorito te tupu
o te harakeke.

Burn or dispose of whatever hinders progress in all that is done, in order that what is desirable may indeed grow and bear fruit.

"High gains are possible for low achievers, high achievers, students of different socio-economic backgrounds and ethnic heritages, and students with special needs within the same class grouping. This principle is taken as definitional of quality teaching. Quality teaching is not effective for just some learners but is effective for all learners."

 Quality Teaching for Diverse Learners Best Evidence Synthesis, 2003, page 16

Teacher actions that promote student learning

Effective teachers teach all their students effectively. The New Zealand Curriculum (page 34) explains that although no formula guarantees learning for every student in every context, there is strong evidence of the kinds of teaching approaches that consistently improve student learning.

Planning for all

Effective planning supports all students to access rich and broad learning opportunities across the learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum. 

Teaching as inquiry

Teachers inquire into the teaching–learning relationship “moment by moment (as teaching takes place), day by day, and over the longer term” (NZC, page 35).

Differentiation and adaptation

Teachers are responsible for planning, developing, and reviewing the classroom curriculum. Making curriculum accessible for all students may require "thinking outside the square" in daily practice. 

Published on: 12 May 2015