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NZC Spotlights

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NZC spotlights are mini professional learning sessions that focus on a specific aspect of The New Zealand Curriculum. Presented on Google Slides, NZC spotlights include short readings, videos, and follow up activities. Further resources are suggested at the end of each session for those who want to access more information.

How can you use them?

NZC spotlights are designed for teachers and leaders in primary and secondary schools. They can be used during staff meetings, department or syndicate meetings, Kāhui Ako / Communities of Learning workshops, and teacher only days. Individual teachers can use NZC spotlights to reflect on their own learning journey and to support teacher inquiries.

NZC spotlights can be led by an external facilitator or someone from the school. The sessions are scaffolded and include speaker notes to grow teacher capability around workshop facilitation. 

How much time does it take to work through a NZC spotlight?

A NZC spotlight is designed to take approximately 45–75 minutes to work through. Schools may choose to download and personalise the slide presentation to suit their context and needs. 

Updated on: 01 Nov 2019