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Constantly changing patterns of work and education make it essential that every school student has access to career education and guidance that is future-focused and personalised. 

Students need to learn strategies that will equip them to plan and manage their learning and career pathways at and beyond school. This learning will contribute to them gaining the qualities, competencies, and values at the heart of The New Zealand Curriculum.

The following resources offer support for teachers and students on career education and guidance:

School leavers toolkit
The School leavers toolkit provides tools and resources to support the learning of financial literacy, civics, key workplace competencies and personal wellbeing. The student-facing website enables students to access information that they need – in their own time – to gain skills and knowledge in these topics. 

School leavers toolkit for teachers
This website supports educators to teach financial literacy, civics education and key workplace competencies as part of local curriculum for year 7 to 13 students.

Careers New Zealand – Tools and activities 
Help students make career decisions with activities, tools and resources from Careers New Zealand.

Careers New Zealand – Planning career development
Find resources and support materials to help you build a successful career programme in your school.

This website offers NCEA help from real students and teachers. Join to discuss achievement standards, and general study and exam advice for NCEA Science, Maths and English.

Careers education and guidance: Good practice
This 2015 ERO report focuses on good practice and showcases 10 secondary schools with high quality careers education. It identifies factors that contribute to high quality careers education and guidance in New Zealand secondary schools.

Career Education and Guidance in New Zealand Schools (Ministry of Education 2009)
This publication outlines a set of career management competencies young people need to develop, and suggests an effective model of career education and guidance that can be used to develop these.

PDF icon. Career education and guidance in New Zealand Schools (PDF, 1 MB)

Updated on: 14 Dec 2020