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Take your cue

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For a school in which the majority of parents are Pasifika, there are advantages in following some Pasifika traditions.

In this clip, Teacher Moka Britten recommends listening to what the group wants. She notes that having children sit with parents during a meeting can be culturally appropriate and beneficial for all.


Take your cue from the children and the parents. If they come up with something find ways of accommodating that, maybe through home-school partnership that you have an evening that the parents sit together as a group and their children as well. This is the most important part; include the children in the discussion, don’t put them in another room watching a DVD or whatever, sit them there right there with the parents. This is how it is in the Polynesian community when you go to church, the children sit with the parents and the parents oversee the children while all this conversation and all this discussion is happening and the children are soaking it in.

Published on: 22 Aug 2011