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We support together

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Parents at Tamaki Primary School speak about the importance of literacy and numeracy for learning across the curriculum, and the many ways in which they support their children's learning.


With my son’s maths we get into games, game playing. We’ve borrowed a few games off Mrs Anderson, which is my son’s teacher. We play it as a family, it’s not just for my younger son and myself, it’s my husband and my older son, and my younger son, for all of us.

I told my husband to please leave your time for church and for everything, can you come and help for our kids to doing homework. And now he’s good, we come and support together to try support our kids.

They can come home and read to the babies or they can read to each other. We’ve got so much happening with the times tables, it makes it more easier, we can play games and have fun learning our times tables and us learning as well.
Now that I am going to the library with my son often, I have learnt to take books out for myself and ….

Published on: 23 Aug 2011