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Starting to listen at Tamaki Primary School

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Corinne Hansell, principal of Tamaki Primary School, talks about the change in approach to school-hosted evenings for parents, families/whānau.

So the school began to experiment. They started asking, “What sort of things would you like to know about? How should the groups be organised?” Rhonda thinks that it made a huge difference to parents, “being asked what they wanted, rather than us telling them what they needed.”


We did have the sausage sizzle and we did have big pots of food, and we did have large numbers. The kids were well entertained with movies, movie nights, the parents were in the hall and the kids were in the library here doing what kids do. But when we moved it into more a learning focus, the children were very much involved and demonstrating how their lessons go for their parents and then of course the parents got involved in taking part in a demonstration lesson as well. And they were so involved that they didn’t actually go to the food afterwards they wanted to keep talking to the teachers about how it was different in their days and how much better it is now.

Published on: 19 Aug 2011