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They bring us in

Views: 2007

Mele Tukula and other Tongan parents reflect on the school-hosted meetings, where they have an opportunity to get to know others from their own cultural community and families and cultures from the larger school-parent community.

The meetings also have a social function for the students, teachers, and family members. “The meetings give us an opportunity to get to know our new families and for them to get to know other people in the community,” says Corinne.


Everyone has a chance to talk, when the rest is in Tongan we talk, but there is someone there know how to translate it in English and someone do it and we have our chance to talk. Those two ladies, I’m just meet with them here, we just like friends but not in blood not in the island, we did not see each other in the island but in here we are just friends. Sometimes we talk and laugh, so we have all the cultural things around that is a good partnership that we got in here. They bring us in from different culture and different countries and we learn [from] each other. I start to learn some Samoan things, there are similar there are difference.

Published on: 22 Aug 2011