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Education for Enterprise

Education for enterprise.

The Ministry of Education define Education for Enterprise as:

"...a teaching and learning process directed towards developing in young people those skills, competencies, understandings, and attributes which equip them to be innovative, and to identify, create, initiate, and successfully manage personal, community, business, and work opportunities, including working for themselves".

E4E in action

This section includes digital stories and text-based stories (snapshots) about how education for enterprise is being incorporated into school programmes at primary and secondary level. These stories illustrate the way careful preparation and planning can build purposeful relationships between businesses, local communities, and schools.


Lyall Bay School – Benefits of a radio station
Maranui FM was established at Lyall Bay School in 2008 with the support of the Ministry of Education and Enterprise New Zealand. The aim of the radio station was to provide an engaging, real life context for students to develop enterprising skills and behaviours. After nearly ten years of radio broadcasting we catch up with staff and students at Lyall Bay School to learn how Maranui FM has helped to build learner agency, key competencies, and community connections.

Whangarei Girls' High School – Being an enterprise school

Whangarei Girls’ High School believes taking an Education for Enterprise approach to learning begins at the strategic level. Identifying the values and school culture you want to develop, and having specific goals for the development of an enterprise culture within these, are the first steps. 

Digital stories

Lyall Bay School radio station

A radio station project provided an engaging, real-life context for students to develop enterprising attributes.

Embedding enterprise in the curriculum

Kerikeri High School Enterprise Co-ordinator, Chris Bell, talks about engaging with real-life projects that give students meaningful learning experiences and involve the community.

Vision and values through E4E

During a curriculum review, Whangarei Girls' High School identified a range of skills and values it wanted its students to have. Education for Enterprise provided the model to implement these skills and values.

A whole-school E4E project

In 2008, Waimea College undertook a huge education for enterprise challenge where 300 students engaged in a two day learning episode to create something innovative. 

Updated on: 22 Dec 2020