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Consultation and feedback

New Zealand curriculum – draft 2006–2007

Nine thousand, one hundred and seventeen (9117) feedback questionnaires were received between August and November 2006. The questionnaires were processed by Colmar Brunton – 21 per cent were completed online. In addition, Colmar Brunton prepared a penetration and understanding report.

Two international critiques were carried out – one from the Australian Council of Educational Research and one from a UK consultancy firm.

Four New Zealand commentators read and synthesised all reports. They reported to the Curriculum Project Reference Group on 1–2 March.

One hundred and sixty-eight (168) ‘long’ submissions (over three pages) were received. A number of writers have given permission to publish their long submissions on this site. Seven hundred and seventy four (774) short submissions were received. The long and short submissions were collated and analysed by Lift Education.

The Reference Group considered the feedback and reports from experts and commentators and made recommendations to the Ministry of Education. The Ministry is developing a policy statement to guide the redrafting process.

Small groups, with experts as needed, reworked the draft curriculum in line with the Ministry’s policy brief.

See Reports and analyses prepared for the Ministry of Education regarding the submissions received on The New Zealand curriculum: Draft for consultation 2006.

See some of the Long submissions made to the Ministry of Education on The New Zealand curriculum: Draft for consultation 2006.

Published on: 13 Sep 2007