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Network learning community case studies (archived)

The Ministry of Education carried out an evaluation of the Network Learning Communities (NLC) initiative in 2010. NLCs were a PLD opportunity offered in 2011 by the Ministry and delivered by School Support Services. Further information on the NLC evaluation is included in the right hand menu.

These ten case studies outline how school leaders have made connections and learned together to shape their school curricula.

Country calendar: Making it work for us

This case illustrates how educational knowledge can be successfully filtered through a specific lens to provide external knowledge and understandings to a professional learning group.

Scooby Doo: The case of the mysterious NLC

This case illustrates the importance of embedding what has been achieved, of ongoing reflection and affirmation of success, of actively seeking solutions to challenges. 

Coffee, cake and twiducate

This case exemplifies networking and interaction between multiple communities of practice and how important these communities are for small, relatively isolated schools.

Building bridges: A DIY approach

This case study illustrates connecting different schools within the local area; promoting a common curriculum and pedagogy across them and easing issues of transition.

Dream sleepers: Wakening the dream in everyone

This case study illustrates how it is possible to facilitate professional learning conversations that critique and challenge practice at an early stage in the life cycle of a cluster. 

Family ties: Doing it together

Illustrated in this case study is the value of external expertise and knowledge and of ensuring that the focus of the NLC reinforces that of the individual participant schools. 

The sky is the limit: A learning pathway

This cross sector group has shifted and changed direction as it has moved along its learning pathway reflecting the need to move from a strategic consideration of curriculum to implementation and practice. 

The honest teacher: True confessions of a language teacher on the path from confusion to clarity

The Honest Teacher NLC is interesting in terms of its shared leadership model with all the leaders being middle managers (HODs) rather than senior management. 

The trials and tribulations of the Pataka classroom

This NLC is interesting in respect of its size and its ‘floating’ population, with a number of itinerant schools, as well as a core group.

What's the point? Meaningful learning through curriculum integration

The sector leader chose the title 'What’s the point?' to reflect the ongoing journey towards greater meaning and relevance for students in their learning process and for teachers.

Published on: 17 May 2011