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Blog archives: 2016

This blog contains many ideas and resources for talking about the curriculum in your school. Click on the find more link to see the full blog posts.


Learner agency


Learner agency is embedded in The New Zealand Curriculum key competencies as "the capabilities that young people need for growing, working, and participating in their communities."

Three graduates.

Graduate profiles – a vision of future-oriented learners


Graduate profiles are one way that a school can communicate a shared understanding of what a future-oriented learner looks like.

future focus
Te Marautanga o Aotearoa
Wellington College students.

The 7 principles of learning


Schools and education systems around the world are having to reconsider their design and approach to teaching and learning. What should schooling, teaching and, most especially, learning look like in this rapidly changing world?

Classroom shop.

Financial capability in New Zealand schools


This blog post explores five common questions about financial capability. It offers practical ideas and resources to help teachers integrate financial capability into their classroom curriculum so that students leave school with a healthy financial IQ.

Student with map.

Future focused learning and the Olympics


This blog post has been written to encourage teachers to consider the “why” of learning about the Olympics. The first part of the blog encourages teachers to frame meaningful inquiries for students that foster the development of 21st century skills. The second part highlights a range of rich, future-focused learning opportunities based around the Olympic Games.

Adele O'Leary.

My journey with Universal Design for Learning


This blog is the third in a three part series about Universal Design for Learning. Primary school teacher Adele O'Leary shares her first steps in UDL, describing the impact on her teaching and her learners.


Involving your community in curriculum design


When approaching school-based curriculum design the involvement of your school community is crucial. NZC Online recently asked questions through social media about where we could help schools with school-based curriculum design and community engagement. At the heart of all your responses were questions around implementation, sustainability, and longevity. 

This blog highlights stories from New Zealand schools as an impetus for discussion in your school context. Resources and ideas are provided to help you explore implementation, sustainability, and longevity of your school community engagement.

community engagement
curriculum design and review