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Amended 14.5.10

The National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) set out the Government's administrative requirements for boards of trustees.

In October 2009 changes to NAG 1 and NAG 2 were published in the New Zealand Gazette. On 4 November 2009 an Education Circular 2009/12  Changes to National Administration Guidelines (the NAGs) was distributed to schools.

A separate NAG (NAG 2A) has been inserted to cover the reporting requirements that relate specifically to National Standards.

NAG 1 has been amended in the following ways:

  • It refers to the National Curriculum and its two strands – The New Zealand Curriculum 2007 and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.
  • It removes and replaces references to wording from the previous curriculum such as reference to the essential learning and skill areas.
  • It expands the previous requirement to give priority to literacy in years 1–4, to give priority to literacy in years 1–8, to reflect the requirements of the National Standards.

NAG 2 has been amended to include reference to National Standards in the requirement for schools to develop strategic plans that document how boards of trustees, with the principal and teaching staff, are giving effect to the National Education Guidelines. These are:

  • reporting to parents in plain language at least twice a year
  • in addition to including school-level data in the board's annual report, the NAG 2A (c) information is required to be provided to the Secretary for Education at the same time as the updated school charter (under NAG 7)
  • including in the school's annual report the numbers and proportions of students at, above, below, or well below the National Standards, including by Māori, Pasifika, gender, and by year level (where this does not breach an individual's privacy).

School level data is to be reported from the 2011 school year (reports are due in the 2012 year). Boards of trustees working towards implementing Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, report from the 2012 school year.

Reporting to parents and annual reports

The NAGs make it clear that schools must report to parents in plain language and in writing at least twice a year on students' progress and achievement in relation to the National Standards.

Schools should consult with parents to understand what information they would like to see in progress and achievement reports.

The NAGS do not specifically require schools to report to parents whether students are above, at, below, or well below the standards, although they may do so if they wish. Schools can find advice about reporting to parents, family, whānau, and communities here.

Schools are required to report the numbers and proportions of students above, at, below or well below the standards in their Annual reports.

Text of the NAGs.

Published on: 20 Nov 2009