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Amended August 2010

The Ministry of Education has developed a framework for generating good information about the implementation and outcomes of National Standards. The framework will draw from a range of different and complementary information sources including:

This information will contribute to Ministry decision-making about ongoing implementation and support for the standards.

National Standards (English Medium) - provisional / draft design:

The National Standards: School Sample Monitoring and Evaluation Project

The Ministry has contracted Maths Technology Ltd (MTL) to run The National Standards: School Sample Monitoring and Evaluation Project 2009 – 2013 (NSSS). MTL is an independent evaluation company with specialist expertise in literacy, numeracy, educational assessment and evaluation, led by Dr Gill Thomas.

The project will collect monitoring and evaluation information from a sample of English-medium state schools as they introduce and implement National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics (Years 1-8). The main purpose is to get a broad overview of schools’ implementation of National Standards across a representative range of English-medium state schools. It will look at how schools:

  • understand the purpose and content of National Standards, and how they relate to the New Zealand Curriculum
  • use the National Standards to assess student progress and achievement
  • use National Standards progress and achievement information to monitor student progress and achievement, identify students requiring targeted teaching interventions, inform teachers’ ongoing professional development, and report to parents, whānau, communities, and Boards of Trustees.

The project will:

  • Collect student achievement information in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Survey principals, Boards of Trustees, teachers, and parents
  • Collect copies of schools’ annual plans and analysis of variance reports
  • Collect copies of the formats schools use for reporting to parents.

The information collected from schools will be analysed, with results used to describe and evaluate the implementation of National Standards.

In 2010 the project focused on teachers’ judgments relative to the standards, and how National Standards information was reported to parents and Boards. The project focus will be reviewed annually and refined or adjusted as needed.

Reports from the School Sample Monitoring and Evaluation Project:

Updated on: 07 Jun 2013