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Making connections (archived)

The New Zealand Curriculum Exemplars

An exemplar is an authentic example of student work annotated to illustrate learning, achievement, and quality in relation to curriculum levels 1-5. Exemplars for years 1-10 have been published in print and online to support each of the seven curriculum statements.

Kei Tua o te Pae: Early Childhood Exemplars

A first set of ten books in a folder was published in 2004. The second collection of early childhood exemplars was published in November 2007. Schools with primary classes have been sent a reference set of both collections.

Kick Starts: Key Competencies: The Journey Begins

This discussion kit (Hipkins, Roberts, and Bolstad, 2007) is based on research into five "early adopter" schools. Seven pamphlets cover topics such as: the nature of and reasons for the key competencies; how schools can develop their own approaches; what the key competencies might mean for curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment; and discussion ideas, further reading and resources. Two posters (and an accompanying teachers' guide) model ways of encouraging the "thinking" key competency.

Key competencies - The New Zealand Curriculum Online

The New Zealand Curriculum Online presents case studies in the form of digital stories from a range of schools that explored what the competencies might mean for teaching, learning, and school leadership. It offers links to implementation resources in the form of a large body of associated literature. Introduction to the key competencies is a 30-minute video of Dr Rosemary Hipkins discussing some implementation issues for key competencies. The video is organised into short sections and integrated with slide material to make it suitable for use in facilitated discussions. (Videos relating to Key competencies are now here.)

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Published on: 17 Mar 2008