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Gaining the best of old and new (archived)

What is described here is different from traditional assessment models but does not negate them. Nor is it the case that traditional targets of assessment are no longer of interest. Teachers will still want to know what progress their students are making in literacy, in numeracy, and in learning about important 'big ideas' of the traditional curriculum. The traditional parts of the curriculum can still be assessed in ways that have been refined over time and that continue to be updated. But the new types of outcomes need new types of assessment models and assumptions.

Getting practical: a focus on assessment methods

There are two possible approaches to the challenge of developing ways to document students' progress in strengthening key competencies. One approach is to use less familiar methods of assessment, which are likely to be new for many teachers. Another approach is to adapt more familiar strategies so that they are appropriate for new purposes. Either approach needs to be used in a context where clear learning goals for key competencies sit alongside more traditional learning goals. See Newer strategies to consider and the example from one school that combines features from several of the strategies.

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Published on: 17 Mar 2008