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Focal points (archived)

The School curriculum design and review chart (PDF, 278.30 kB) is a tool that can be used in conjunction with The New Zealand Curriculum to help visualise, plan, and monitor the design and review process throughout the implementation period. A poster version of this chart is available from Learning Media customer services – email orders@thechair.minedu.govt.nz or phone 0800 800 565.

You may find it useful to put the poster version in a prominent place in the staffroom and refer to it regularly. Each question on the chart can be asked at any point over the two years of implementation, and the changing responses to the questions will be a measure of progress.

The following review questions are phrased for use at an initial staff meeting or a meeting with any group of people who are unfamiliar with the document. They are designed to get participants to have a preliminary look at the different sections of The New Zealand Curriculum and to think about them in relation to current practice.

Review questions image.

  • What is our current vision for our students and their learning? Is it clear and widely shared?
  • How does our school vision reflect the aspirations and identities of the different groups in our community?
  • How similar are our school vision and the vision found in The New Zealand Curriculum? What are the significant differences?

See Vision.


  • Has our school articulated a set of values that we model and encourage? If so, how widely known and shared are they?
  • How do our school values (whether formally articulated or not) support and complement those identified in The New Zealand Curriculum?

See Values.

Key competencies

  • What do we know and understand about the key competencies and what they might mean for our students and our school?

    See Key competencies and The school curriculum: design and review.

  • Can we see opportunities within our current structures and practice for developing the key competencies?

Learning areas

  • Comparing the learning area statements in The New Zealand Curriculum with the current curriculum documents for each learning area, which statements appear to have undergone most change? What significant changes can we note?
  • Given the introduction of learning languages as a new learning area, what do we need to do to increase the profile of languages in our school and give students the opportunity to learn another language?

    See Learning languages.


  • Which of the eight principles in The New Zealand Curriculum could we justifiably say are foundations of our current school curriculum?
  • Which of these eight principles will require priority consideration as we design and review our curriculum?

    See Principles.

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Published on: 18 Dec 2007