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How does a garden grow?

Students design and then develop a garden to improve an area of the school.

The learning context

Students identify scruffy and unused areas in their school environment, with the intention of transforming these outside spaces into landscaped, attractive gardens.

Using landscape design methods, students can create garden designs for the selected space in the school grounds. Designs can be presented to the class and the wider school community for consideration. Once a particular design is selected, students can then formulate and implement a plan of action to transform the outside area.

Enterprising attributes

Key competencies and enterprising attributes to consider:

  • Generating, identifying, and assessing opportunities
  • Generating and using creative ideas and processes
  • Working with others and in a team
  • Identifying, recruiting, and managing resources
  • Planning and organising
  • Collecting, organising, and analysing information
  • Communicating and receiving ideas and information

Published on: 31 Mar 2015