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Some key messages about the New Zealand Curriculum

Together with Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, The New Zealand Curriculum sets the direction for teaching and learning in New Zealand schools.

It sets out a vision of what we want our young people to become and allows you greater freedom to be creative across the learning areas when designing experiences that will motivate and engage your students.

It encourages greater involvement of parents, whānau, and local communities in their children's learning.

It invites you to try out new ideas and approaches, building on current best practice.

It provides guidelines, and identifies priorities, for your school curriculum design and assessment planning, using the principles as foundations of curriculum decision-making.

It encourages you and your community to discuss and articulate your shared values.

It outlines the competencies that are the key to each student's pursuit of lifelong learning and to their contribution to a well-functioning society.

Successful learners make use of the key competencies in combination with all the other resources available to them.

Each learning area statement highlights what's most important in that learning area so that teachers, students, families, and whãnau can share common understandings.

The curriculum puts increased emphasis on languages, statistics, and information and communication technology (ICT).

It encourages a focus on the future and on the global issues we all need to consider in order to be contributing citizens of the world.

It encourages you to focus on the future you want for your students.

Published on: 17 Mar 2008