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Facilitating professional learning diagram text version

The diagram introduces the content and purpose of each of the five modules that make up the facilitators’ guide to using the resource Inclusive Practice and the School Curriculum.

The names of the modules are placed in five rectangular boxes.

The boxes for Modules 1 and 2 are arranged vertically. Each is linked to an oval at the right-hand side, containing an explanation of the module’s purpose.

Module 1 is called "How Can Schools Understand Where They Are At?" and is linked to an oval with the words "Most school leaders will start here and select tools to review their school’s inclusive practice".

Module 2 is called "Why Is Inclusion Important?" and is linked to an oval with the words "This module sets the scene and supports leaders and teachers to explore inclusion".

The boxes for Modules 3, 4, and 5 are arranged horizontally across the page. All three of these are linked to a single oval below, containing the words "These modules focus on shifting practice".

Module 3 is called "Challenging Assumptions and Beliefs about Inclusion", Module 4 is called "Supporting Teachers to Include All Students in the School Curriculum", and Module 5 is called "Making Learning Visible"

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Published on: 22 Jun 2015