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How the tool is structured

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Rosemary Hipkins explains how the key competencies tool is structured. To find out more, visit Key competencies and effective pedagogy.


If you look at the structure of each of the 16 stories, they begin with the classroom action because we think it’s really important that people can see that this is something that relates directly to what they do. 

Then there’s a section about effective pedagogy, which links them back to the indicators framework, but also to the effective pedagogy section of the curriculum. Because we think it’s really important that people see that they’re not being asked to add yet something else again on here but just to pull together in a particular way the pieces that they’re already working with. 

Then after that there are some reflection questions and those questions quite deliberately link the stories to each other. Because we think it would be a shame if, for instance, people teaching in the junior primary school only read the junior primary stories or people who teach science, say, only read the science stories. We want the stories to be read as a collection and discussed as a collection. And so that’s what the discussion questions at the end aim to do. 

Published on: 23 Apr 2014