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What is financial capability?

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Terry Shubkin (CEO Young Enterprise Trust) and Pushpa Wood (Director, Financial Education and Research Centre, Massey University) explain how financial capability is made up of skills and behaviours enabling people to make responsible financial decisions. The process includes considering the impact on their personal life, their whānau/family, and the community.

Professional learning conversations

  • Discuss the way that Terry Shubkin and Pushpa Wood define financial capability.
  • What does financial capability mean to you?
  • What financial skills and knowledge do you and your school community want to help your students acquire? 

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Financial capability discussion tool
This tool is designed to support teachers and school leaders to:

  • understand what financial capability is
  • understand why it is important to teach financial capability across all levels of the curriculum
  • plan for inclusion of financial capability in the school curriculum
  • learn how financial capability can be used as a learning context or theme to link learning areas across the New Zealand Curriculum
  • teach financial capability.


Terry Shubkin

Financial capability is having the skills and experience to make the right decisions that will impact your personal life, your family, and the community around you.

Pushpa Wood

What financial capability is in my view is two components. I mean, there are many components, but the two I mainly focus on. One is a skill set, and that is the knowledge that I need to have sufficient knowledge about various components of financial management. And then, of course, I need to have sufficient motivation to put that knowledge or those skills into practice, in other words, turning that into behaviour. So financial capability is a combination of skill set and behaviour.

Published on: 25 Nov 2013