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Regeneration diagram text version

A line graph with the title "Regeneration".

The left (y) axis is called "Planetary health". The bottom (x) axis has the title "Time".

The scale on the y axis begins with "Vulnerability collapse" at the bottom and has "Resilience" at the top.

The graph shows a brown diagonal line with an arrowhead. It starts at "resilience" on the y axis and points down to a blue circle with the title "status quo" which is level with "vulnerability collapse" at the bottom of the y axis. This line is labelled "degeneration". From this point two green lines go left over the "time", x axis.

  1. The first arrow travels diagonally up until is reaches a blue circle level with "resilience" on the y axis. This point is labelled "new balance" and from there a horizontal line with an arrow head continues parallel with the x axis over "time". This is labelled "resilience". This circle is positioned one-third of the way to the right of the axis and a small way from the bottom of the vertical axis.
  2. The second arrow travels from "status quo" parallel with time and is labelled "sustainability".

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Published on: 01 Nov 2021