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Doughnut model diagram text version

Diagram is a circle comprising three concentric rings, with the middle a blank.

The outer ring is labelled "ecological ceiling". It is a thin, brown ring.

The middle ring is labelled "The safe and just space for humanity" and the top and "Regenerative and distributive economy" at the bottom. The ring is thick and coloured green.

The inside ring is labelled "Social foundation". It is a thin, brown ring, the same diameter as the outer ring.

The inside of the circle is white.

A blue double-headed arrow sits behind the coloured rings. One end of the arrow is in the middle white centre of the circle and the arrow extends diagonally upward, beyond the outer ring. The label "Shortfall" sits inside the arrow in the centre of the circle. The label "Overshoot" is in the arrow outside the concentric circles.

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Published on: 02 Nov 2021