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Sustainability is not just something to learn, it's something to live! Text only version

A cartoon image of school buildings with comment bubble explanations of sustainable practices.

Image descriptor bubble (bottom right corner): The whole-school approach to sustainability brings together what is taught, how it's taught, extracurricular activities, teacher training, decision-making processes, the physical buildings, the environment, and the wider community.

Aspects of the image starting from the lefthand side and moving in a clockwise direction

Top left: A school classroom with solar panels, energy-saving lighting, renewable materials labelled. A hole is cut in the roof to show students and the teacher at work in the classroom. 

  • Text on classroom blackboard: Human rights, discrimination, gender equality, bullying.
  • Comment bubble: Students should learn about sustainable development and global citizenship to help them understand the world they live in.

Top centre: School garden with trees and a vegetable garden. Students are working in the garden and a teacher is picking fruit from a tree. 

  • Comment bubble: School garden programmes can teach healthy eating and help build an emotional connection with the natural world.

Top centre: A science education lesson outside. The teacher is standing pointing to information about climate change and students are standing in a group looking at her.

  • Comment bubble: Education is the best tool for climate change awareness.

Top right: School playground with a child on a swing, children painting a mural on the fence, and adults talking.

Bottom right: School hall with a hole in the roof to reveal a community meeting.

  • Comment bubble: Students, parents, teachers, principals, school management, and the community should be involved in school decisions.

Bottom centre and left: Outdoors around the school classroom, a woman is standing with a group of children introducing a boy to a girl; they are shaking hands while two younger children watch. The entrance to the classroom is accessible with a ramp. A student is outside in a wheelchair talking with a friend. Students are riding bikes and walking to school. Bikes are parked in a bike stand.  

  • Comment bubble: The whole school approach addresses the needs of all learners.
  • Comment bubble: School buildings should be safe and sustainable conserving water and energy and reducing waste.

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Published on: 02 Nov 2021